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Testimonials and user demos

More coming soon! If you've bought a Fredric Effects pedal in the past and would like to be featured on here please drop us a line.


The ICBM arrived this morning, and it sounds absolutely fantastic. It captures "that" sound perfectly (more so than the big brand reissue, I might add!) with no background hiss or hum at all.
Martin Butler

Zombie Klone

Just gonna sing my praise on the zombie Klon. I've had mine about 6 months now. Every time i use it people ask me what it is and where i got it from. It has become my desert island pedal. Highly recommend it to any guitarist.
Richard Kennedy

I am so amazed at this pedal! I own an origanal klon centaur silver and it matches crazy well. Must have for klon klone lovers one of the if not the best klon klone I have played and heard.
Phil Porter

I bought a Zombie Klone last week and last night A/B'd it with my mate's Silver Klon Centaur. If there are any difference in component/parts neither of us could tell any difference between them. Nice pedal.
Guitarhippy on Musicradar

I was turned on to it by one of the guys in Vintage Guitar Boutique on Bethnal Green Road after I went in there looking for a decent low gain overdrive. I'm really pleased with both the look and sound of the pedal. It works really well at lower gain settings and is really transparent which is exactly what I was looking for. It seems to compliment my Fender amp and stacks really well with my lead overdrive which at the moment is a Fulltone OCD. The Zombie really enhances its tone. The more I play with it, the more I love it.
James Stephen Finn

Utility Perkolator

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy the Utility Perkolator I bought last year. It does everything I ask of it and more. I can get great tones with it with any guitar I choose to pair it, and with both high-headroom amps and with amps on the verge of break up. It's simply marvellous! It has a full sound, whilst standing up well in the mix against a busy bass player.
Ben Cardboard Volcano

Unpleasant Companion

The Unpleasant Companion certainly lived up to its moniker. I like how it interacts and stacks with other distortion or fuzz pedals.
Jon Dean Asleep

To my ears your companion sounds just like the original, glad I didn't hand over £250 for the real thing now!
Josh Humphries Angles

CLASSIC Super Unpleasant Companion

The SUC was used in anger last night at band practice - it absolutely rips and gives a wonderful contrast to the other two drive pedals on my board and also the dirty channel on my Orange TH30. I'm of course using it on the clean channel, set to the scooped FY-6 setting and it does Fu Manchu wonderfully. And Electric Wizard (to the delight of my drummer and bass player).

Ian Cass

I recently purchased a Super Unpleasant Companion Nouveau and wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying it. I already had a RM Octavia, plus FOXX & Scrambler clones: - and I really wanted a Superfuzz to add to my octave fuzz quiver. I thought the Regent Sounds demo was really excellent and it was mainly that which prompted me to buy. I absolutely love the chewy & addictive mids-forward tone stack (via the toggle switch). The FY-2 circuit is also fantastic - so cool to have two epic fuzz circuits in one pedal! I dig the vintage enclosures, but personally prefer the Nouveau. The small white type font and silver controls are all very elegant juxtaposed against the purposeful matt black wedge-shaped housing. The SUC is a killer pedal!

Scrambled Brainz

Man, The Scrambled Brainz is a wicked pedal! I use it all the time, including in an album production I'm currently in with a Norwegian prog rock band. Cuts through any mix, and loves humbuckers too! Such a cool pedal.
Morten Waerhaug

Pocket Weasel

OMG I just got me a Pocket Weasel and this little thing just squeals when you dial in the right filtered frequency for the occasion. This little gem can coax the perfect feedback from your rig. I love it!!!!! Strat - Pocket weasel - Plexi = Bedlam = lovely : )
Dominic Drury

KC buffer

I just got my klon buffer from you yesterday, and wanted to say that this is a really killer little box. I have a pedal board that was getting up around 14-15 pedals and all were true bypass. I actually really liked my tone, and bought the buffer from you because it was fairly priced and from such a lauded buffer circuit. I just wanted to see what effect it would have and the effect was amazing!

Now my guitar tone is everything I liked about it prior to the buffer but just so much more dynamic, the highs are higher and cleaner, the attack is tighter, I love it!
Chris Morgan Gholas

Grumbly Wolf

OK, this is rather pretty... a custom MXR Distortion Plus clone with canvas cover which is stencilled & lacquered. It has an extra switch to bring in a 'Green Ringer' ring modulator. With the ring mod off, the D-plus distortion circuit is very close to my original 80's MXR version, but has more volume and is a tiny bit less hissy. The distortion only really takes on a distinct character when cranking the drive past 3 o'clock. Excellent Husker Du / Sugar tones, especially with a Lace Sensor equipped guitar. Switching in the ring mod turns this into a metallic, clanging monster. It's even more extreme when using the piezo output on my Jazzmaster... just tapping the body / bridge / tremolo sounds like a scrapyard being dropped on another scrapyard.
Guy Distant Guns

Got this pedal in 2016 and it has always been there since for all my electric guitar (and sometimes sound design/ or electronics!) For a good few years it was the only pedal I used, but my pedal set is now 5 pedals in total (4 of which are yours and then just 1 mxr for delay). Never tire of the scope in tones of the grumbly wolf!
Thomas Nash

Green Russian

The last ten years of my life have been a constant search for the most evil bass distortion in existence. The quest is finally over. I take this thing in the bath with me. The Fredric effects Green Russian is sonic pornography for the pervert with highly specialist tastes.
Dan Raven Gundogs

The Green Russian has been a big hit - we've used it all over songs we've been recording for the 3rd Victorian English Gentleman's Club album and the 2nd Strange News From Another Star EP.
Charlie Francis Music Box Studios

Golden Eagle

I use it "front of chain", primarily for slight boost and the clarity it provides. Just makes everything sound better.

Got one of these last week - worth every penny! Excellent on either end of the pedal chain (though I run it up front for a cleanish boost). Recommended!
Insubordination on TGP


I'm a Hendrix fan and found out he used a Foxey Lady Mosrite pedal in 1968 for some of the Electric Ladyland sessions, so I bought your Foxrite II. It's fantastic, very versatile and works on my Hendrix board very well, it's quiet too.
Paul Mortimer

Demon Fuzz

Being a real pedal geek myself, I've gone through allot of fuzzboxes in search for the right one for my live setup. Not an easy task. The two most common problems I've ran into are fuzzes not playing nice in a buffered setup, and getting muddy tones with humbuckers. After playing around with it for a couple of weeks and can only say The Demon Fuzz sounds awesome!! I get superb string separation, just the right amount of fuzz available on the dial and of course, it sustain for days. My band, Hong Faux, has got two European tours coming up this winter and I'm very happy to say I'll velcro this bad boy to my pedal board for both legs.
Bjorn Billgren Hong Faux

Accomplished Badger

Just wanted to say how incredible the accomplished badger is. Super versatile with the dip switches inside. Loving the fuzzy breakup with the silicon diodes selected and the smooth crunch of the germanium diodes.

Also, being able to dial in the opamp boost is the icing on the cake when I want to slam the front end. Sparkly sweet!

Harmonic Percolator

Just wanted to let you know how much I love the Harmonic Percolator. Wow, wasn't expecting it to kick out so much level, great sound and sustain. I'm currently running my Burns Steer through it into a Mesa V Twin, modded Champ 600 with a custom built 2x10 cab(Jensen Ceramic and Alnico speakers) and it's awesome! It's already inspired two new songs :-)
Mark Wrangham The Love Family

I have been messing about with the pedal for a few weeks. The pedal is great, it is a lot quieter than the [other commonly available] version. It is also very flexible, as it is able to go from slightly overdriven to nuts by just turning up the guitar volume. The different modes are also a nice touch. Overall I am very happy with it. Good work!
John Newman

The Fredric Effects Harmonic Percolator is a fantastic pedal.

It is compact, versatile, and great sounding. All the way up, the harmonics are rich and respond really well to your playing, the sound you get is a really open and dirty sounding, and great for riffs or chords. back of the harmonics a bit, and you get a penetrating lead tone, with sizzling harmonics, that really demonstrate well how a Percolator is meant to sound. Where as most high gain pedals fail miserably to cut through in a band situation, this HP clone manages to combine an in-your-face fuzz sound with the ability to stand out in the mix live.

The real strength of this pedal however is the ability to disengage the germanium clipping diodes. When this is done you get a sound more akin to an overdrive boost, but with a gritty quality that most overdrives just cannot do. This open graininess is what sets the Fredric Effects Harmonic Percolator above other clones i have heard. The versatility, usability and sheer musicality of this sound will blow you away.

Importantly, the Fredric Effects Harmonic Percolator is quiet when you are not playing. It also responds really well to being pushed with overdrive/boost pedals. It can go from subtle lo-fi grainy overdrive to shit-i-think-my-amp-is-broken type all out fuzz. Obviously, a harmonic percolator is a harmonic percolator and is not designed to give you warm creamy tones, instead offering a uniquely angular vibe. If you are bored of the bland guitar sounds that we are inundated with on the TV and radio, and want to push your tone and playing in a more interesting direction, I cannot recommend the Fredric Effects HP clone highly enough!
Tom Adams Solo

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